Me (jem_endured_fit) wrote in daysofourlives,

I thought Salem was in the Midwest?

I'm watching the 8/23 episode

When they zoomed in on the close up of Rafe's subpoena it was titled "The People of the State of California"
and that the address for attending court was:

89795 Riverside Drive
Salem, USA 06649.

For the record, 06649 isn't a valid zip code.  However, I would think it would be located on the east coast and not the Midwest.
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my mom and i started watching the show when marlena was possessed, so we thought it was our nearby city of salem, ma.. but marlena's possession was the only thing that really made us think that. later i found out it was the midwest and it seemed to match better than the northeast.

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Agreed. I've always thought it was in Illinois, too--somewhat of a suburb of Chicago, too. Maybe it could be a southeastern suburb, placing it in Indiana, but it would match up with being close to Chicago still.