anarchicq (anarchicq) wrote in daysofourlives,

Question about Nick

I skipped several weeks of the show but one scene I did see what a flashback of Nick being confronted by an inmate while he was in jail.

Was he stabbed, beaten, or was he sexual assaulted? Do we know?

If he was sexually assaulted, is this why he's homophobic? Or is that an angle that DooL would never even attempt and I'm once again making awesome conclusions that will never come to fruition?

ETA Mar 25th: CALLED IT!
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I'm about 10 episodes behind (I like to stockpile on my DVR and watch all at once) but so far we haven't seen anything but the physical assault and the scar from the stab wound. I think it would be perfect if they had him sexually assaulted in jail, maybe for an extended period of time. It's the only thing that would even start to make his homophobia a tiny bit acceptable. And even then, not really...not at all actually in my book, but it would be a great angle since he's taken such a hard homophobic stance. There's usually a reason why a person is *that* homophobic and I think sexual assault in jail would be a great one.
I'm pretty much caught up on Days ( although I don't watch it every day) and nothing was ever mentioned about a sexual assault, only the stabbing. I think it would be a great angle though and would love to see Days do something a little risky. It would be a good explanation for Nick's attitude too.