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Oh for the love of Pete, writers...

So, can Nicole ever get a supportive, nonjudgmental ear? I'm so sick to death of Jennifer The Perfect. No one ever says, "Hey, you. Yeah, leave the pregnant woman alone while you're jonesing for your ex and supposedly grieving for your ex-husband." I'm just. I don't watch the show much anymore but I'm so tired of the sainted Jennifer by these writers. It's why I cringed when I found out they were back. I don't need this crap. Hope is acting like she's never done anything wrong, much less Sainted Miss.

MarDar had some issues but at least the characters were multifaceted. Can't say that now, can we? Daniel is betrayed. Jennifer is angry that her stunts were called out. And Nicole's left to hang out and dry with nothing...once again. Can we please have a balance with Nicole? She's not a "good" character but she's so fascinating and I'm pretty sure that's all on Ari. The writers, just looking at the words, are disgusting with the lack of empathy. Who makes a woman that can barely have one kid lose two?

Eric's back and going all "you need to think about God" when it clearly doesn't make her comfortable, and given what he knows about her background, he should be understanding. Oh, no. Can't be that! Lotta kindness there, Mr. McPreachy. He starts talking to Hope about her and saying he's just supporting her, and once again Hope's gonna be right. Cause she's little miss made no mistakes either.

This is why I'm starting to loathe the show I grew up on. Martyring Jennifer is too much for me. Especially since Daniel went from believing in Nikki to wanting to bang Jennifer in a matter of days, no pun intended. I've had enough of this.
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