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[04 Nov 2014|11:12pm]

brady is a nutcase
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What's left for Days? [06 May 2014|12:32am]

With Gabi, Sami and EJ, all leaving the show.
Will it even be worth watching anymore?
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Will and Sonny! [08 Apr 2014|03:10pm]

What a speech from Caroline.
I teared up.
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Beware of Sami [31 Dec 2013|12:06am]

Exactly how many people HAS Sami killed?
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I thought Salem was in the Midwest? [07 Sep 2013|05:27pm]

I'm watching the 8/23 episode
and noticedCollapse )
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Chad bores me anyway [11 Aug 2013|07:42pm]

Chad, brain tumour?

Is he being literally killed off?

At least he's better than the driest of the dry; JJ
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Sami [09 Aug 2013|12:22am]

How many times has Sami been in jail?
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I have never wanted to slap a fictional character as much.. [22 Jul 2013|09:50am]

As I have wanted to slap Jennifer.. So I missed the Jennifer is awesome years. I watched during the Jennifer is a teenager years and very early adulthood (Frankie years), and restarted during 2000.. on and off.

I am also a parent. The idea of her being so freaking wishy washy and able to be manipulated by this spoiled petulent teenage boy is just annoying the ever loving crap out of me.
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Gabi/Rafe [29 May 2013|11:34pm]

LOVED today's episode but ahem

Gabi's mom?
Like your daughter just had a baby AND your son is in a coma and you are .... ??
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Hm [07 May 2013|11:39pm]

What's Stephano's real job?

And what happened when EJ turned out not to be a diMera?
How did he become Stephano's son again?
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Thoughts??? [20 Mar 2013|11:19pm]

What is your favorite storyline right now and/or what would you like to see happen?
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Question about Nick [04 Mar 2013|03:36pm]

I skipped several weeks of the show but one scene I did see what a flashback of Nick being confronted by an inmate while he was in jail.

Was he stabbed, beaten, or was he sexual assaulted? Do we know?

If he was sexually assaulted, is this why he's homophobic? Or is that an angle that DooL would never even attempt and I'm once again making awesome conclusions that will never come to fruition?

SPOILERSCollapse )
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DiMera Hostel [26 Feb 2013|11:13pm]

WHY is it such a big deal that Brady and Kristine may move into the DiMera mansion if EVERYONE else had already lived there:


Didn't Will too?

Who am I missing?
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Parker [10 Jan 2013|12:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Don't know if anyone here watches Dexter, but Parker looks an awful lot like Dexter's son Harrison! Couldn't find confirmation online for the kid actor's name yet.

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Oh for the love of Pete, writers... [21 Nov 2012|01:56pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

can we have a little not so judged Nicole, please?Collapse )

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Lucas [02 Nov 2012|11:20pm]

Lucas is being so weird around Will and about the whole gay issue. It's not a big deal.

The gay storyline is actually not that interesting anymore---to me anyway.

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nicole & ej [17 Oct 2012|02:15pm]

Really, I'm never moved by scenes on DOOL but todays scene with nicole and EJ in the hospital, seriously almost brought me to tears.
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35 Days Cast Icons [07 Sep 2012|07:27pm]


HERE @ simply_aly
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